Bumblebee is a two person design agency.



We are Bumblebee Design, the 2-person digital design agency based in Tampere, Finland.

We believe that good design is based on hive-mind like team work and communication. There is beauty and value in humble, everyday things; they form a sound foundation for building greater things, together.

Our buzz is in helping your business to thrive and bloom with our services.

We focus on providing digital design services such as user experience design, user interface design, 3D modelling, virtual reality and web design for small businesses and communities, start-ups and private persons.

Design is not your thing? That’s OK. Give us a call anyway; our network is buzzing with talent.



A large hairy social bee which flies with a loud hum, living in small colonies in holes underground.

Also, the digital design agency based in Tampere, Finland. We make a buzz!


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A specification of an object or process, referring to requirements to be satisfied and thus conditions to be met for them to solve a problem.
Design is [...] the way in which something is arranged or shaped.
Intention or plot; Rendering of intent.

We believe that design is all of the above. The intention of our design is to create value for your business and helping in delivering solutions that matter.